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1、太阳底下最光辉的职业,人类灵魂的工程师。 Themostgloriouscareerunderthesun,theengineerofthehumansoul。


The most glorious career under the sun, the engineer of the human soul。


Hard for your teachings, I am very grateful, and will be remembered!


Mountains, green water often flow, grace, I division in mind for ever!


The ends of the earth has made, only shien infinite period。 Thank you, teacher!


Teacher, thank you for using the light of my life, light up my life journey。


Scour heart of every corner, stepping through the every inch of the mind, full of respect for you。


Without your generous offer, where I harvest today。 Twelve very thank you, dear teacher。


The wisdom of the teacher, today we send out light, still flashing you lit the spark!


Teacher, thank you for using the light of my life, light up my life journey, I am full of gratitude to you。


Spreading knowledge is sowing hope, sowing happiness。 Teacher, you is this watch the seeder with happiness!


Teacher is fire, lit the students' inner fire; Teacher is a strength, under the student steadfastly climb up step by step。


You work in today, but the construction of the motherland tomorrow; You teaching in the classroom, but in all directions of the motherland。


Life such as song, plum fragrance。 Life such as song, is you planted the notes, is your education with hard work in the us!


The teacher is the red candle, lit yourself to give light to others; The teacher is the silkworm, the last thread and self。


Yue, you are in my heart planted the seeds of knowledge, today, is my bear fruit -- teachers in scientific research, this is your harvest!


You like a red candle, for the children gave all the heat and light! Your character and spirit, can use two word is burning! Keep burning!


You like the more obscure roots, cause saplings grew up healthy and strong, and the branches hung with rich fruit, but does not require any reward。


Regardless of a person how proud achievements, should be shown, the teacher should remember self first, such as seed for his growth。


Spring rain, dyed green the world, and is quietly disappeared in the mud himself。 Teacher, you are spring rain moistens our hearts, we will always be grateful to you。


The value of fireflies, is to use the back to hang in the light, designed according to others; Your honourable, is always to provide convenience to others。


You gave us a ruler of life, let us every day to measure; You gave us a model the behavior of the mirror, let us all have a learning example。


You are like a candle torch, is thin, but there is one hot, send a spectral, lights others, exhausted themselves。 The selfless dedication, a kid。


Your career as a teacher, there are countless proud and happy memories, but you put them hide in the bottom of my heart, I just watched a garden plot to develop。


If I were a poet, I write poem will be full of passion, praise the vast and profound。 And make it for you, my mind, profound knowledge of the teacher。


With increasingly long, ShiEn forever unforgettable。 Dedicated to the beloved teacher let's search for those beautiful memories are distant silently bless you always healthy。


My teacher ah, how much I miss you so much! With the help of science and technology to send greetings, thank you for your I respected teacher! Really want to you, my good teacher!


Because of you, the world is so beautiful, because of you, my life is so colorful! The doctor to cure human flesh wound, you, gave birth to the human soul!


The teacher, everybody says you cultivate the motherland beams; I have to say, you are the pillars of the motherland。 It is you, supporting our generation's back!


How can a seed germination, why a tree seedlings tall and straight, is because of you, the consumption of the teacher as the price! Moment care forever in mind, grow into pillars repay you。


Without a hard inkstone cold, ripe peach flow Dan, li ripe technology, easily ents and flowers。 Deep canyons fly not general, poetry world, paint room, filled the happy of person of outstanding ability。